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Kodiak Trailer Slip On 5 Lug 10 inch Disc Brake Kit ALL STAINLESS w/ SS Hubs

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Kodiak Trailer Slip On 5 Lug 10 inch Disc Brake Kit ALL STAINLESS w/ SS Hubs


(8) Zinc Plated 7/16 in x 1 1/4 in Flange Mounting Bolts (+$29.12)
(8) Stainless Steel 7/16 in x 1 1/4 in Flange Mounting Bolt (+$24.32)
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This is the best disc brake set manufactured by Kodiak and probably the last one that you’ll ever need to buy. This is one of their 5 Lug 3,500 lb capacity disc brake kits. This particular brake kit has STAINLESS STEEL rotors, STAINLESS STEEL mounting brackets, STAINLESS STEEL calipers with Stainless steel backed brake pads, Stainless Steel Brake Flange Mounting Bolts, Stainless Steel Solid Lug nuts, Stainless Steel trailer hubs, and Stainless Steel Posi-Lube style Dust Caps. This is Kodiaks part # 2/RCM-10-SS, with the added Stainless steel parts to make this the best trailer disc brake kit money can buy. This kit is designed to fit on 3,500 lb capacity axles using the standard 4 bolt brake flange. This trailer disc brake kit will fit with 14 inch or larger trailer wheels. We have put together Kodiak's brake kit with a set of Kodiak Stainless steel idler hubs with inner and outer bearings and seals included. This slip-on style rotor is great b/c your hub and rotor are separate pieces. Which means you can replace them independently of each other. This means if you get broken down on the side of the road b/c of a bearing failure you can replace your broken hub, and still re-use your Stainless Steel Kodiak rotor. The hubs are Stainless Steel to permanently prevent rust. This is a great kit if you are switching from drum brakes to disc brakes b/c it allows you to ditch your drum brake hubs in favor of a set of idler hubs that you can use with Kodiaks brake kit. Using Kodiaks slip on brake set will add about a 1/2 inch of overall length to your axle. This means that your tires and wheels will sit about 1/4 inch out further on each side.

Kodiak Disc brake kits mount on the industry standard 4 Hole Brake flange. Your trailers axle would need to have brake flanges on both side of the axle for mounting this brake kit to your trailer. 

Boat trailer brakes are crucial for a safe towing experience. Using Stainless steel trailer brakes gives you the added confidence of knowing your brakes will always perform, even after years of heavy saltwater use. Disc brakes on boat trailers are generally an investment in the future of your trailer. Using as many stainless steel components as possible increases the life span of that investment, and decreases possible failure due to corrosion. 

What’s included:

This kit includes (2) Stainless Steel vented Slip On rotors. The vented rotors help dissipate heat quickly while towing at high speeds. Also included are (2) 3,500 lb capacity stainless steel idler 5 bolt hubs with the standard 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern that use a 1 3/8 inch (68149) inner bearing and an 1 1/16 inch (44649) outer bearing (Bearings and Grease Seals are included). (2) Stainless Steel caliper mounting brackets. (2) Calipers that are 100% STAINLESS STEEL inside and out except for the brass fittings where your brake lines run in. The brake pads are made of ceramic so that they will not rust and they now feature STAINLESS STEEL BACKINGS. The calipers ride on (4) Stainless Steel caliper mounting bolts which are included. An installation and instruction manual is also provided. Also included are (8) Stainless steel 7/16" x 1 1/4" Brake Flange mounting bolts to bolt your Caliper Brackets to your axles 4 Hole Brake Flange, (10) Solid Stainless Steel trailer lug nuts, and (2) 1.98 Posi-Lube Style Stainless Steel Dust Caps. 

 This is the best disc brake kit money can buy hands down. Kodiak offers the only complete all stainless steel disc brake set in the industry. This is the best brake set for saltwater use. Yes, its expensive, but it’s worth every single penny. Kodiak offers a 6 year warranty on all their stainless steel parts and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic brake pads.

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