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Kodiak Boat Trailer Ceramic Disc 204 Brake Pad

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Kodiak Boat Trailer Ceramic Disc 204 Brake Pad
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These Kodiak Brake Pads will replace the worn out or rusted Ceramic Brake pads in your Trailer's 204 Surge Brake Calipers by Kodiak.  These Ceramic Trailer Caliper Pads are the exact OEM Replacements for the 204 Kodiak Disc Brake Calipers, so you can be sure these pads will fit and work just as reliably as when the calipers were new.

All of Kodiak's Replacement Brake Pads are conveniently sold as a set of 2 pairs, meaning they come with 2 inner Brake Pads, and 2 Outer Brake Pads, so you can outfit 2 Calipers with each purchase of new pads.  The 204 size is typically a 5 Lug, 10 inch Rotor and is usable with surge brakes only.

Like all of Kodiak's products, these come with a Manufacturer's warranty that is good for 6 years from the purchase date.  This warranty covers Manufacturer's Defects, like pad separation, it does not cover the wear that happens to brake pads through normal use.

Ceramic Brake Pads
Fits Kodiak 204 Caliper
Comes with 2 Sets, enough for 1 Axle or 2 Calipers.
Backed by Kodiaks 6 Year Warranty against pad separation.

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