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Kodiak 8 Lug Dacromet Coated Integral Rotor 9/16" Stud Diameter

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Kodiak 8 Lug Dacromet Coated Integral Rotor 9/16"  Stud Diameter
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  This is a dacromet version of the Kodiak 8 Lug Integral Rotor.  Integral Rotors utilize the functions of both the Hub and the Rotor into one solid piece, similar to a Drum Hub, as opposed to Slip Over Disc Rotors which have a Rotor that is designed to go over top of standard idler hubs.  This has some benefits as well as drawbacks and is up to personal preference which one you outfit your trailer with.  An integral rotor like this is great for simple and quick installation, especially when switching from Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes.  However Slip Over Rotors have the benefit of keeping your brake parts separate from your hub components, so if a bearing failure were to occur you would only need to replace your standard hub, not a more expensive Hub/Rotor.

This hub/Rotor utilizes the 8 Lug, 8 on 6 1/2 lug pattern and 9/16 inch hub studs.  9/16" Studs are not as common as 1/2" Studs on trailer components (Wheels and hibs), so please double check that this is the size you need prior to ordering.  
This rotor mounts to a 7,000lb Trailer axle spindle referred to as a #42 Spindle, which typically requires Bearings that measure 1 3/4" inner diameter and 1 1/4" inner diameter.

-Replacement Trailer Brake Hub/Rotor
-9/16" diameter studs
-Dacromet Coated
-Fits #42 Spindle

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