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Incandescent Side Marker Amber Trailer Light RVE387

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Incandescent Side Marker Amber Trailer Light RVE387
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This 4 inch x 1.5 inch Amber Incandescent Side Marker light is the perfect compact light fixture commonly used as a side marker light on the trailer body. This amber side marker light is designed to be highly visible so that it stands out on the trailer, making it noticeable in low light or bad weather conditions. 

This light uses an incandescent bulb that produces a warm, bright light that is energy efficient and can be replaced if it ever goes out. 

Housed in a durable and weather-resistant casing, this side marker light has mounting holes that are 3” apart center to center and comes with a two wire harness.

Whether you are looking to improve the visibility of your trailer on the road or need to comply with legal lighting regulations, this 4” x 1.5” amber incandescent light is a top choice!


- Incandescent Amber Clearance/Side Marker Light

- 4" x 1 1/2"

- Replaceable Bulb and Lens

- Two Wire Harness

- Mounting Holes 3" apart center to center

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