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Incandescent Side Marker Amber Armored Trailer Light

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Incandescent Side Marker Amber Armored Trailer Light
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This incandescent side amber light comes with a chrome finished housing that protects the top and bottom of the amber light. Not only is the light lens protected but the bulb inside the lens is well kept and guarded by a shock dampening rubber grommet insert. This aids in sheltering the bulb and the brittle filament through bumps and travel and prevents the bulb from going out due to normal wear and use. 

Due to the flat back design on the armored housing, this light is a surface mount style side marker light. Meaning the light is visible head on as well as from the side. For this reason this light can act as a clearance light as well, depending on where on your trailer this light is placed. The bulb size, 168 can be replaceable and is screwed into the protective armored case which also acts as a ground for the light. This amber armored side marker light only uses (1) wire and goes to a 12v power trailer harness. We typically see these lights on utility, enclosed or camper trailers however, can be used on any trailer needing a sleek clean look.


- Dimensions (W x H x D) 4 ½ x 2 x 1 ½

- Protected Side Marker / Clearance Trailer Light

- Surface Mount Design

- Steel Housing (chrome Finished)

- 1 Wire (grouds through the housing)

- bulb size 168

- Mounting Hardware not included

-119R / MC82RB Trailer Light

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