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Incandescent Pipe Light Kit for Boat Trailer Guide Poles

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Incandescent Pipe Light Kit for Boat Trailer Guide Poles


Pipe Light Cap and Union (Pair) (+$10.77)
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Best Light Kit on the Market! These incandescent Pipe Lights are designed for long-life and convenience. Two Inc Oval Lights sit sonicly sealed inside a PVC housing. This housing mounts directly onto 2 inch pvc (measures 2 3/8 Outside Diameter), and can be adapted for other sized pipes. An easy to install guide makes this kit a must for boaters. The Lights perform Turn signal, Braking function, and Running lights. The Pipe Light Housing also features reflectors on the rear of the housing to assist in reversing. Whats included: Pair of Pipe-Light PVC housing, Pair of Incandescent 6 inch Oval Lights, Pair of 10 Foot wiring pigtails, Four butt connectors, Four scotch locks, and Four Stainless Steel Screws. The convenience of installation and functionality makes this a must for boaters.

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