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Heavy Duty D Ring For E-Track 6,000lb Rated

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Heavy Duty D Ring For E-Track 6,000lb Rated
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This listing is for the 6,000lb rated E-Track D-Ring designed and manufactured by Erickson Mfg. This product allows you to secure items to the inside of your enclosed trailer or open-deck trailer safely without the worry of damage occurring during transit using either 5 Foot or 10 Foot sections of E-Track. Simply install the D-Ring into the E-Track using the Spring Loaded Latch to lock the Tie Down into place, and fasten your Rope or Ratchet Straps to the anchor point with ease!

Paired with the E-Track material, these Tie Downs can be secured and used on either the floor, or the interior walls of your Enclosed Trailer. E-Track has a number of different slot location that the D-Rings can be installed at, allowing for custom adjustments to fit the size of equipment you are looking to securing to your Trailer. This E Track Ring features a Zinc Plated finish to protect against Rust and Corrosion, and has an over-all breaking strength of 6,000lbs. The ability to rotate the Ring allows for maximum flexibility and adjustability when using this Tie Down. 


- Heavy Duty
- 6,000lb Rated
- Zinc Plated
- Rust Resistant
- Floor or Wall Mount using E-Track

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