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Galvanized U-Shaped Boat Trailer Spring Seat for 2 in Square Axles - Bolt On

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Galvanized U-Shaped Boat Trailer Spring Seat for 2 in Square Axles - Bolt On
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This galvanized steel spring seat replaces the spring perches on 2-inch square trailer axles and allows for the axle to be mounted onto the trailer's leaf springs. The spring seats are a crucial part of your trailer setup, as they allow the leaf springs to be firmly U-bolted to your axle and prevent any pivoting or twisting, and most importantly keep your axle firmly attached to your springs and trailer frame. These spring seats are compatible with all of our range of Galvanized 2-inch Square Trailer Axles, and most 2-inch square trailer axles, such as those manufactured by Rockwell and Dexter. The galvanized steel construction makes this axle spring mount a great choice for boat trailers, as it will effectively resist rust and corrosion better than a raw steel or primer finish spring seat would.

The seat can be used on axles that are either overslung or underslung, meaning that the seat itself can be oriented on either the top or bottom of the axle for the springs to be clamped on with a U-bolt kit. This Spring Seat is designed to fit around a 2-inch axle without needing to be drilled or welded, you will just need to measure out the correct spacing and firmly clamp the springs to your axle with a Trailer U-Bolt Kit. This makes it a great option for axles that have a damaged or missing spring seat and need a replacement, without going out and replacing the whole axle or dealing with welding or drilling your axle to get new spring seats to fit.

- Galvanized Steel Construction
- Clamp-On Installation, No Welding or Drilling Required
- Fits 2 inch Square Axles (commonly 2,000-3,500lb capacity)

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