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Galvanized Pontoon Boat Trailer Winch Seat Fits 3" Wide Winch Posts

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Galvanized Pontoon Boat Trailer Winch Seat Fits 3" Wide Winch Posts
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This style of Pontoon Trailer Winch Seat is very popular and will be a good replacement for many of the Pontoon Trailers out there, which are often built with this style of Winch Seat initially.

The Galvanized Seal has a Base with 4 mounting holes that are designed to fit 1/2" diameter, 3" wide U Bolts.  The Length of the U Bolts depends on your Boat Trailer's Winch Post Size.  The mounting hardware is not included for this reason.  

  Most of the time, the Winch Post size will be 3 x 3 or 3 x 4.  If you have a 3x3 winch post, the recommended U Bolts size is the 1/2" x 3" x 4 5/16" U Bolts.  If your Winch post is 3 x 4, the recommended size is  1/2" x 3" x 5 5/16" U Bolts.

This Galvanized Pontoon Winch Seat has standard-sized mounting holes which fit nearly any Boat Trailer Winch on the Market.  Here is a link to our Winch Category, if you are needing to replace your Boat Trailer Winch as well.  This winch mounting hardware is not included with this Seat, but can often be re-used.  We do sell it separately in our Boat Trailer Mounting Hardware Category though if needed.

- Hot Dipped Galvanized for Saltwater Corrosion Protection
- Installs to 3 inch wide Trailer Winch Post.
- Standard Boat Trailer Winch Mounting Holes

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