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Galvanized Equalizer Bar 7 3/4 inch EQ-E1 Rocker Bar for Boat Trailer

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Galvanized Equalizer Bar 7 3/4 inch EQ-E1 Rocker Bar for Boat Trailer


(3)- 1/2 Diameter Spring Bushing (+$5.40)
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This is an equalizer bar or rocker bar that is used on tandem axle trailers to attach the leaf springs on both of the axles together.  This equalizer bar is hot dipped galvanized and has 9/16 inch inside diameter nylon bushings.  It measures 7 ¾ inches center to center across on the bottom 2 holes and 2 7/8 inches tall.  This is probably the most common equalizer bar on trailers with 3,500lb axles.  It is commonly referred to as EQ-E1.  This equalizer bar is for use with 1 ¾ inch wide springs.  Since this rocker bar is galvanized, it works great for boat trailers.

This Equalizer Bar comes with pre-installed bushings that measure 9/16 inner diameter. Check the diameter of the bolts on your trailer, it is possible that you may have 1/2 inch diameter spring bolts. If you need 1/2 inch Spring Bushings, add them to your cart or purchase them here Leaf Spring Bolts and Bushings. The Correct Size Equalizer Bar Bushings for 1/2 inch Spring Bolts is Trailer Leaf Spring Bushing 1/2 inch ID, 11/16 inch OD. Most Boat Trailers use 1/2 inch Spring Bolts. 

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