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Fulton Fold Away Bolt on Hinge Kit for 3 x 3 Trailer Tongues

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Fulton Fold Away Bolt on Hinge Kit for 3 x 3 Trailer Tongues
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This listing is for Fultons Bolt On Trailer Tongue Hinge for 3" x 3" square tongues. This Fold Away Hinge kit includes the all needed hardware to mount to your trailer tongue. Everything pictured is included. Installation of this product is pretty simple with the correct tools. You will need to cut your 3" x 3" trailer tongue where you desire the hinge to be. You then install each hinge end onto opposing pieces of tongue material, one on the trailer side, and the other on the Coupler Side, using the included mounting bolts and bit to secure the bolts and nuts in place. This kit includes a Large Bolt to be used as the fixed pivot point for the hinge, and a Cotter Pin secured pull pin as the release for storing the trailer. This kit includes an instruction manual, punch, and drill installation bit for the included bolts. The Fulton Hinge has a weight rating of 5,000 lbs, with a recommended maximum tongue length up to 48". 
This product is extremely common on many types of trailers and is used for the purpose of decreasing the overall space taken up by the trailer. This is a very common situation when trying to store your boat trailer, jet ski trailer, or utility trailer in a garage or storage facility. Having this product on your trailer gives you the added flexibility of storing it in places it may have previously been to long for. 
*Do not remove the Pull Pin or Cotter Key until the trailer is properly supported off the vehicle.

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