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Double Lipped Grease Seal for 10" Hadco Hubs

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Double Lipped Grease Seal for 10" Hadco Hubs
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This listing is for the high-quality Double Lipped Grease Seal manufactured for use with 10" Hadco Hubs. This seal ensures superior protection and prevents any contaminants from entering your hub assembly. This Seal is specifically designed to be installed in 10" Hadco hubs, so this Seal features an inner diameter of 1.75 Inches, while the outer diameter of the seal measures 2.36 Inches. These measurements guarantee a secure fit as well as reliability and optimal performance. 

Installation of your new seal can be completed in just a few simple steps. Start by removing your old worn out seal from the rear of your hub. After removing the old Seal, make sure the inner seal surface of your hub is clean and free of any impurities that may create uneven contact between the inner portion of the hub and the outer diameter of the seal. After removing the old seal, simply press your new seal into the rear of the hub while making sure the hub seal is being installed evenly. Be sure not to damage the seal during installation. 

Manufactured using high-quality material, this seal is engineered to withstand harsh marine environments as well as high pressure and extreme temperatures. The double-lipped design ensures effectiveness against foreign impurities such as dirt, water and other contaminates. The durable construction allows for long-lasting performance, providing peace of mind and confidence in your newly packed hub. 

Experience the difference in protection and reliability with this quality Seal, guaranteeing your 10" Hadco Hubs perform at their absolute best!


- Use with 10" Hadco Branded Hubs
-  Rubber Coated Design
-  1.75" Inner Diameter
-  2.36 Outer Diameter
-  Double Lipped

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