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Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator 1600psi for Trailer Disc Brakes

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Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator 1600psi  for Trailer Disc Brakes
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If you’re in need of an Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) Trailer Brake Actuator, this Dexter unit designed for use with disc brakes could be exactly what you are looking for. Featuring 1600 psi capacity, you can brake with confidence knowing your actuator has been made by a reputable trailer parts manufacturer and can be sure it will perform time and time again. Made with all aluminum and stainless steel parts and hardware, this actuator can withstand the harsh elements and be installed on the outside of a trailer, making it a perfect addition for your boat trailer where you won’t have to worry about corrosion affecting its performance. 

Compatible with Boat or Utility trailers featuring 1 to 3 axles, this electric over hydraulic unit uses the electrical signal of your tow vehicle’s brake controller (which fires off when you press the brake pedal in your tow vehicle) to create hydraulic pressure for the disc brakes on your trailer, eliminating any sort of surge actuation to slow the trailer. Few trailer braking systems compare to the response or braking strength of an EOH unit for trailer disc brakes, which translates to more control, shorter stopping distance, and safer operations while towing your trailer.  


Another benefit of an EOH unit is that you can reverse your trailer without having to lockout the trailer brakes, meaning you can also activate the brakes on your trailer while backing up.  Normally, with a Surge Hydraulic Brake Set, when your tow vehicle goes into reverse it locks out the brake pressure from your trailer system so that you can reverse the trailer and its load (causing the Surge action on the Actuator) without having the brakes lock up on you.  In an EOH System, it's all controlled by your tow vehicle.  So you can reverse your Truck freely, and the brakes still work on the trailer whenever you use the brakes on your vehicle.  


Most of the time when using electric brakes on a trailer, it is required by law that there is a safety breakaway switch installed on the trailer so that the brakes will activate in a situation where the trailer and tow vehicle become disconnected.  We have a Trailer Breakaway Switch and Rechargeable Breakaway Battery Kit available on our website here.


This Dexter Actuator uses the same brake fluid that most trailer brake systems use, which is recommended DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid.  You can find our Selection of DOT Trailer Brake Fluid at this link here.



-For use with 1 to 3 trailer axles

-Maximum Output 1600 psi

-2 Year Manufacturers Warranty from the Date of Purchase

-12 V DC Operation

-Fits Standard 3/16" Trailer Brake Lines

-Unit measures 11" L x 6" W x 7" H

-Four 12 gauge Wire Configuration: Black - Power, Blue - Brake Controller, White - Ground, Yellow - Breakaway

-DOT Compliant

-Battery Capacity 5 amp hours



-Aluminum and Stainless Steel unit

-Stainless Steel hardware

-Marine Grade EPDM Gaskets seal the housing unit

-Vented construction that allows for the release of moisture, pressure, and temperature from inside the housing unit

-Small Overall Footprint makes it easy to integrate onto a trailer

-Made in USA

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