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Demco Aluminum Disc Brake Master Cylinder with Reverse Bypass for Demco Actuators

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Demco Aluminum Disc Brake Master Cylinder with Reverse Bypass for Demco Actuators
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This is a replacement Trailer Disc Brake Master Cylinder for Demco Brand Actuators, which comes with the Demco Electric Reverse Lockout Solenoid Preinstalled.  If your Hydraulic Trailer Disc Brake Actuator is not performing optimally, it may just be the Master Cylinder that is the issue.  Replacing the Master Cylinder can often cause a Hydraulic Trailer Brake System to work like new again, since you will have to empty all the lines and re-bleed the brakes, it is a good way to flush out any troubling parts and make sure everything is installed and working at peak performance. This master cylinder has a corrosion resistant sturdy aluminum body, so you don't have to worry about rusting out the inside of the master cylinder reservoir!

This Master Cylinder makes replacing parts and repairing the Actuator Unit even easier since it comes with the required electric Reverse lockout bypass solenoid pre-installed.  The Lockout Solenoid receives power from your Tow Vehicles Reverse Lights to allow you to reverse your trailer without the brakes engaging.

This Master Cylinder is the OEM replacement for the Disc Brake Versions of Demco Actuator Models DA66b, DA86, DA91, DA10, DA16, and DA20.

- Disc Brake Master Cylinder
- Pre-installed Lockout Solenoid
- Easy 4 bolt installation, hardware included
- fits DA66b, DA86, DA91, DA10, DA16, and DA20.

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