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DLX Boat Trailer Winch 1900 lb Capacity with Winch Strap by Dutton Lainson

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DLX Boat Trailer Winch 1900 lb Capacity with Winch Strap by Dutton Lainson
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This DLX Dutton Lainson Boat Trailer Winch has a 1900 lb capacity and includes a pre-installed 2 inch wide winch strap, as shown in the pictures. This boat trailer winch will fit in the industry standard winch mount hole pattern that you would find on any winch seat. One great thing about this Dutton Lainson winch is that it is made in the USA, and Dutton Lainson is known for its quality user friendly boat trailer parts. The DLX line up of winches incorporates a charcoal gray powder coat on top of the already triple zinc plated housing, which not only makes the winch visually appealing but also adds a level of corrosion resistance making it a great hand crank winch for saltwater or freshwater boat trailers. The plastic gear cover keeps the gears from snags and serves as additional protection from the elements. Most anyone who has owned a boat trailer has experience with a rigid and uncomfortable winch handle, but with the 1900 lb capacity Dutton Lainson winch you get a softer and ergonomic handle that feels great in your hand and makes cranking more comfortable. Each DLX winch includes a 5 year manufacturer warranty that is second to none, and with permanently greased bearings, and a patented reverse ratchet, this will be a winch you’ll love to use for years to come. 


The winch comes as pictured with the strap pre-installed and usually uses 3/8 inch x 1 1/4 inch bolts for mounting.

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