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Convert-A-Ball 1 Inch Shank

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Convert-A-Ball 1 Inch Shank
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This listing is for the Convert-A-Ball Shank that features a 1 Inch by 3 Inch Shank as well as a robust high-quality nickel plated finish that is designed and manufactured to connect Trailers to the Hitch of the Tow Vehicle. The 1 Inch by 3 Inch Shank is very common for most towing applications and allows this Convert-A-Ball Shank to be installed in most standard Ball Mounts. Included with this Shank is the Lock Washer as well as the Nut needed to secure the Shank to your existing Ball Mount. The lock washer ensures that your connection stays tight and secure and won't rattle or vibrate loose during travel. 

Due to the versatile style of Convert-A-Ball systems, they allow for quick and easy connectivity to multiple different ball sizes for different sized couplers you may have on your Trailers without the need to carry multiple tow balls and tools to swap in between connecting Trailers. The Shank on this unit is rated at 10,000 pounds giving you plenty of strength to handle heavy loads with ease. The sleek and stylish finish is due to the rust and corrosion resistant nickel plated finish. The finish also provides added durability making this an even more reliable option for your towing needs for years to come.

- Lock Washer and Nut Included 
- Stainless Steel Construction
- 5" Overall Length
- Made in USA 

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