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Clear Lens LED ID Light Bar Load Lamp Combo Light for Enclosed Trailers

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Clear Lens LED ID Light Bar Load Lamp Combo Light for Enclosed Trailers
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This LED Trailer ID Light Bar by Tecniq is fully sealed and waterproof with Stop, Turn, Tail, and Reverse light functions, perfect for enclosed trailers, utility trailers, and cargo trailers. The surface mount light bar installs to your trailer with 2 screws on either end of the light bar. This light bar is one of the most durable and reliable on the market, featuring TecNiq's TecSeal Urethane potting that is guaranteed to keep the light's circuit board safe, great UV resistance for sun exposure, and IP68 rated to prevent intrusion from dust or water. The LED light is also resistant to vibration and impact damage, with a durable impact lens and high-quality polycarbonate construction. The light can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or at any angle that you require on your trailer, and meets all FMVSS 108 requirements for wide and narrow vehicles. You can splice this light easily into your trailer wiring harness with the 9-inch four-wire pigtail harness: the white wire is the ground, the red wire is the turn light, the black wire is the tail light, and the yellow light is the reverse light. This style of identification bar has been used by a range of different enclosed trailer manufacturers, such as Merica Cargo Trailers, Cargo Craft, USA Cargo Trailer, and more! If you need a versatile and dependable LED identification bar light with reverse light function for your trailer, you will want to consider this light by Tecniq; it is one of the highest quality LED trailer lights on the market and is covered by their Lifetime Warranty!

- Clear Lens LED Trailer ID Bar Submersible with Stop/Turn/Tail/Reverse Functions by Tecniq
- Mounts with Two Screws
- IP68 Rated Dustproof and waterproof
- Lifetime Warranty
- Four 9-inch lead wires: White for Ground, Black for Low/Dim, Red for High/Turn, Yellow for Reverse
- 15 1/2" Length, 1 1/4" Height, 1/2" Depth 

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