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Brass Trailer Bleeder Fitting for Disc Brake Calipers

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Brass Trailer Bleeder Fitting for Disc Brake Calipers
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This listing is for a Brass Caliper Bleeder fitting, which fits most standard trailer disc brake calipers out on the market like Deemaxx Calipers, Kodiak Calipers, and others. This brass caliper bleed port is a 2 piece bleeder (the adapter which gets installed into the caliper) features a 1/8” NPT and the smaller part (the part used during the bleeding process) features a 1/4”-28 thread.

Most commonly, a caliper will have 2 of the bleeder ports. The Adapter portion of the bleeder should be installed into the caliper using Thread Locker to provide an airtight seal. Make sure that you don’t install the bleeder portion with thread locker because the part of the fitting needs to be loosened and opened to bleed your brakes. 



-2 Part Brass Bleeder Valve

-1/8” Pipe Thread on the Adapter Fitting to the Caliper

-1/4” – 28 Thread on the Bleeder Port to the Adapter Fitting

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