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Boat Trailer Square Aluminum I Beam Frame Guide On Pole Kit

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Boat Trailer Square Aluminum I Beam Frame Guide On Pole Kit


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This boat trailer upright guide on kit comes with two Upright guides, manufactured out of 1 1/2 inch square Aluminum Tubing. The upright guides measure 46 inches tall with the legs measuring 24 1/2 inches long. The length of the leg allows for easy adjustments to fit your boat properly. This Kit also includes two PVC Sch. 40 poles and caps. The upright guides are designed to have the 2 inch PVC poles slide over top of it and rest on the tab already installed on the guide for the correct placement. The Overall Height of this Guide Pole Set once mounted would be roughly 60 inches. Also included with this kit are (4) Stainless Steel Square u Bolts for mounting this kit to your trailers I Beam trailer frame. These U Bolts are 3/8" diameter, measure 1 9/16" wide, and are 2 1/2" long. This dimension makes them ideal for fitting around the 1 1/2" Aluminum Guide pole and through the frame. For installation, simply drill 3/8" holes the precise width of the U Bolts. You will use (2) U Bolts on each side. 

This kit creates the most ideal guide pole arrangement with completely rust proof boat trailer guide poles and mounting hardware.

It is also recommended, especially if you are installing Boat Trailer Pipe Lights, to secure the PVC Poles to the Galvanized Guide Posts using a set screw or through bolt, to prevent the PVC from spinning and damaging the Trailer Lights. 

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