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Boat Trailer Split Roller Bracket Left Side

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Boat Trailer Split Roller Bracket Left Side
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This is a Hot-Dipped Galvanized Left side of a Split roller bracket. This is just the right side, Typically you would have a left side and a right side, that together mount a keel roller to the cross-member of a trailer. The nice thing about split roller brackets is they can be adjusted to accommodate different sided rollers by simply loosening the bolts. These split roller brackets are mount to a boat trailers cross-members using 1/2 inch Trailer Bolts or Boat Trailer U-Bolts. Simply check the measurement of hardware that you will be needing and select from galvanized and stainless steel. Also, check out our Boat Trailer Rollers section, which includes roller shafts and pal nuts for mounting whatever size roller you need. 

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