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Boat Trailer Safety Chain Zinc Plated 8/0 Thickness 27 inch 7,000lb S Hook

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Boat Trailer Safety Chain Zinc Plated 8/0 Thickness 27 inch 7,000lb S Hook
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This grade 30 boat trailer safety chain has a length of 27 inches and features an S hook on one side for connection to your truck's hitch. The chain-link portion of this chain is generally welded or bolted onto the trailer; most boat trailers for example, will have the safety chain bolted directly to the tongue or coupler itself. Safety chains are one of the most important parts to have on your trailer setup, you are legally required and can prevent disasters in the event that the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow ball mount. This chain has a break force rating of 7,000 lbs and 8/0 chain thickness, so this chain is suitable for towing trailers that have a fully-loaded weight of 7,000 lbs or less. The chain is zinc-plated for corrosive resistance so it is a great option for boat or jet ski trailers in salty environments, but it can be used on any trailer that needs new safety chains. Make sure you are towing safely, and get a replacement set of chains if you need them! This is a great option for trailers 7,000 lbs and under, and feature Curt's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

- 27 Inch Trailer Safety Chain 8/0 Thickness Links
- S Hook on One End for Attachment to Hitch
- Clear Zinc-Plated Finish for Resistance to Corrosion
- Grade-30 Tensile Strength Rating
- Limited Lifetime Warranty (One-year Finish, One-year Parts)

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