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Boat Trailer Oil Cap 8001 for 8 Lug 7,000-8,000lb Dexter Axles

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Boat Trailer Oil Cap 8001 for 8 Lug 7,000-8,000lb Dexter Axles
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The Kodiak Oil Cap Kit is a Clear Plastic Replacement Cap for your 8 Lug Kodiak Integral Disc Brake Hub and Rotor, with a 7,000lb to 8,000lb Capacity.  The Clear Plastic gives you a window into your Hubs Oil Levels so you can always be sure your Trailer is Safe with Lubricated Bearings before you take it on the road.  Additionally, this Complete Kit includes the center rubber plug which makes refilling the oil much easier, and it also includes a new O Ring to keep the seal tight so that no Oil escapes.

The best way to check if this Oil Cap is a direct replacement for the one on your trailer is by checking the Part # on the Cap itself.  Oil Caps use standardized Part #s to determine the size of hub they fit onto, much like a bearing does.  This cap is part # 8001, that part # appears right on the top of the cap for easy reference in the future.  This size Cap is used on 8 Lug Kodiak Brand Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotors in the 7,000 to 8,000 lb capacity Range.

- Fits 7,000-8,000lb Dexter Brand Axles
- 8001 Oil Cap
- Clear Plastic Cap so you can monitor your Hub's Oil Levels
- Threaded Installation
- Includes new O Ring and Rubber Plug

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