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Boat Trailer Marine Bunk Board Heavy Duty Backed Carpet 24 inch Wide - Approximately 100 Ft

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Boat Trailer Marine Bunk Board Heavy Duty Backed Carpet 24 inch Wide - Approximately 100 Ft
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This is a roll of 24" Wide Heavy Duty Black Marine Grade Bunk Carpet with marine backing for use on trailer bunk boards. This roll is approximately 100 feet long, though the manufacturer has a margin of +/- 10ft, so the actual roll lengths will vary from about 90ft to about 110ft.  The Carpet will arrive in one continuous roll, to be cut easily to length when it arrives. This is 15 oz weight Black Bunk Board carpet with a strong backing for added strength. Carpet with Backing is stronger, but can retain moisture longer than non-backed carpet.  Backed Bunk Carpet is what is used for Carpeted areas on the decks of boats.  The Backed Carpet can also be used on Bunks Boards and Boat Lifts.  This carpet is cut to the 24" width from a much wider sheet of Marine Carpet at the manufacturer. This Carpet is installed with Bunk Carpet Nails, and is ideally used on 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" Bunk Boards on Boat trailers and Boat Lifts or as carpeting on Boat Decks. 

This Backed Bunk Carpet allows for a more rigid and heavy duty carpet setup, it also has excellent weather resistance. This trailer carpet performs extremely well in saltwater as well as freshwater. Having properly functioning bunk carpet is crucial for protecting your boats hull from damage. Heavy duty bunk carpet prevents pre-mature tearing and will keep your boat hull from making contact with your bunk boards. This Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet is what a high end OEM would use, so in a lot of cases it is the same carpet that came with the boat trailer right from the Manufacturer. 

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