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Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Slider Tandem Axle PAIR For 25 1/4 Double Eye Springs

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Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Slider Tandem Axle PAIR For 25 1/4 Double Eye Springs
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This listing is for a set of Tandem Axle Leaf Spring Sliders for 25 1/4 inch Double Eye Leaf Springs. Spring Sliders are intended to be bolted or U Bolted to your boat trailers frame. They perform several functions. They mount your suspension system, including Leaf Springs, Equalizer Bars, and Trailer Axle. Additionally, these include Fender Brackets, for mounting your trailers dual axle fenders. 
You would be searching for this product for one of two reasons. Either you currently have these on your trailer, they have rusted or broken over time, and you are needing exact replacements. 
Or, you current Leaf Spring Hangers have rusted or broken, and you are looking for another way to mount your suspension system to the frame of your trailer. 
Two important factors with using this system if you are not currently using it. This Model uses 25 1/4" Double Eye Leaf springs, in any carrying capacity and number of leafs, so you must use this length of spring. Second, if you are not replacing your trailer axle, switching to Leaf Spring Sliders may change the location of your Leaf Springs in relation to your Axle. Your Trailer Axle may have a Hole Drilled in it, or welded pad for accepting the Leaf Spring Tie Bolt that holds the Leaf Together. The Spring Sliders will more than likely change where the Springs will need to mount. If you have any questions about this, please contact us for further assistance. If you are also replacing your Axles with us, then we can help you determine where your new Leaf Spring Assembly will be mounted.
If this is an exact replacement, then little will change about your suspension system.  Sometimes the Fender Brackets appear slightly different on newer designs than how they were made 10 years ago, but the function remains the same. 
If you are wanting to use this item, then you must make sure you use the appropriate Leaf Spring moving forward. 

Using a dual axle Double Eye spring slider suspension system means you must additionally use the Galvanized Equalizer Bar 7 3/4 inch EQ-E1 Rocker Bar for Boat Trailer and Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Shackles to complete your system. You must use the 7 3/4" Equalizer bar in order to achieve the correct spacing for your leaf springs. You additionally will use 1/2" Diameter x 3 1/2" Long Trailer Leaf Spring Bolts for this assembly. 

Please Refer to the Photos with this listing for exact measurements of the product in order to confirm that this is what you are looking for. This product is Made of Heavy Duty 2" x 2" Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Angle.

Important Notes About this 25 1/4" Tandem Axle Leaf Spring Slider Pair and Mounting Tips
This Listing is For Both Sides, so you will get a Pair of Sliders. 
This Listing uses 25 1/4" Double Eye Leaf Springs
These Fender Mounts are 64" Apart, so you can mount a 64 inch Long fender at the very bottom. You will mount your trailer fenders using 3/8" Diameter Trailer Bolts.  Here is a link to our Tandem Axle Fender Category so you can choose the fender that best fits your setup.

To Mount this assembly, you can either mount it exactly the same way your current slider system was...OR
One of Two Ways. 

Boat Trailer Bolts - Using 1/2" Diameter Through Bolts is most common on I Beam Trailer frames. You will drill a hole through the Slider, and your Aluminum Frame, and using (2) to (3) Bolts per slider, mount to your trailer Frame. ( So 2 to 3 Holes per side)

Boat Trailer U-Bolts and U Bolt Mounting Plates- Using 1/2" Diameter U Bolts is common on Square Tubing Frames, C Channel Frames, and even smaller I Beam Frames as it does not require drilling. The Key here is to use (2) U Bolts and (2) Plates per side that have matching widths to work with each other. You will select the Width of U Bolt that will not only be wide enough to go around your frame, but also accommodate the width of the Spring Slider. 
Example: A 2" x 3" Rectangular Tubing Frame could use a 3 inch Wide U Bolt and Matching Shackle. As the U Bolt is wider, you would set the U Bolt and Shackle at an angle, securing each side against the frame, and tighten it down. 
In the above example, the Length of the U Bolt could be 4 5/16" to accommodate the height of the Frame, thickness of the Spring Slider, and Thickness of the Spring Shackle. 

Not all methods of mounting these sliders is identical, but common diameter trailer frames are not to difficult to identify. Sometimes, you can measure your current hardware, and purchase matching replacements. 

Mounting Hardware for this assembly is available separately, as not all trailers will be the same. 

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