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Boat Trailer Kodiak Disc Brake Kit 10 inch Single Axle Assembly with Demco Actuator

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Boat Trailer Kodiak Disc Brake Kit 10 inch Single Axle Assembly with Demco Actuator


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This listing is for a Complete Disc Brake Assembly kit that includes everything needed to mount disc brakes to a boat trailer that is running a single axle hydraulic disc brake system. From Front to Back, we have included all the needed hardware and parts for replacing an existing disc brake system, or to start fresh with disc brakes on your trailer for the first time. This system will outfit Leaf Spring and Torsion Axles. 
This is a Hydraulic Disc Brake System that uses surge action to apply the brake pressure. In short, when your vehicle brakes are applied, the Surge Actuator compresses because of the forward "surge" created, which applies pressure to the hydraulic fluid, forcing it through the brake lines to the calipers, which compress on the brake rotors, and slow down your trailer. This process is extremely effective, and the most efficient way to have brakes on your boat trailer. 
What makes this kit we have put together so unique, are the components included. We have included a Demco Brand Surge Actuator, Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Kodiak DOT Rated Flexible Brake Hoses, and Kodiak Brand Disc Brakes. 
This Disc Brake kit is for 3500 lb trailer axles with a 4 Hole standard brake flange mounted to the axle. If your axle does not have this brake flange, you will not be able to mount brakes to your trailers axle. A standard 3500 lb Axle uses 1 3/8" x 1 1/16" Wheel bearings, and a 1.712" Grease Seal, we include the wheel bearings and grease seals in this kit as well. 

From Front to Back Whats included:
7000 lb Capacity Demco DA70 Disc Brake Surge Actuator with Reverse Lockout Solenoid Pre-Installed and Protective Shield that uses a 2" Towing Ball and mounts to a 3 inch wide trailer tongue. 
We have included (2) 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts with Hardware for bolting your Surge Actuator to your Boat Trailers 3 inch wide trailer tongue. 
Kodiak Brand DOT Rated Single Axle Brake Line Kit with 20 ft Main Line to connect to the Reverse Lockout Solenoid, Brass T Fitting, 18" Trailer Brake Hose to Caliper, 6 ft 8 in Trailer Brake Hose to Go Across Axle to opposing Caliper, (9) Push Mount Screw in Cable Ties, and (9) Standard Cable Ties. 
Kodiak Integral All Dacromet Kodiak 5 Lug Disc Brake Kit complete with (2) Caliper Brackets, (8) Stainless Steel Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolts, (2) Kodiak Dacroment 225 Calipers with Brake Pads and Stainless Steel Caliper Bolts, (2) Dacromet Integral Disc Brake Rotors 5 Lug (5 on 4 1/2 pattern which is standard) with 3500 lb Wheel Bearing Kits and Grease Seals. 
Wheel Bearing Kits use #68149 and #44649 Wheel Bearings, 1 3/8" x 1 1/16" Inner Diameter. 
Also included are (2) 1.98" Zinc Plated Accu Lube Style Dust Caps, and (10) Zinc Plated Standard 1/2 - 20 Lug Nuts. 

We additionally offer as add on options, Lucas Marine Wheel Bearing Grease, DOT 3 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake Fluid, and a 5 Flat Trailer Plug if you are needing these items to complete your installation. These are not included, as you may have them already in your trailer parts arsenal, but if you are needing them, simply click the checkbox, and they will be added to your order.

Here is a link to the Kodiak Disc Brakes Installation Instructions:  

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