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Boat Trailer Hub Galvanized 6 Lug fits 5200-6000 lb. axles

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Boat Trailer Hub Galvanized 6 Lug fits 5200-6000 lb. axles


(6) Lug Nuts Zinc Plated (+$5.70)
(6) Lug nuts Chrome Long (+$21.36)
(6) Stainless Steel Acorn Long (+$33.42)
Price: $62.89
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Set up your boat trailer with a hub designed to combat the elements. Throw it on any trailer, why not? This Hot Dipped Galvanized Hub will fight off saltwater and any harsh environment your traveling in. These hubs accommodate common 2.441 inch Trailer Dust Cap Accu-lube if you need to reach the grease fitting on the tip of your spindle, or the regular 2.441 Zinc Plated Trailer Dust Cap. Also, select Stainless Steel Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy Protector 2.441 6 Bolt Hub if your are needing the correct bearing buddy for this hub. 
If you've ever experienced difficulty installing dust caps, check out this 2.441 Trailer Dust Cap installation Tool for much easier installation. 
Fits 5,200 to 6000 lb axles
Includes hubs, bearings, and seal
Outer Bearing Number 25580 1 3/4 inner diameter
Inner Bearing Number 15123 1 1/4 inner diameter
This 6 Bolt Trailer Hub includes two grease seals, one measures 2 1/8 inch Inner diameter and the other measures 2 1/4 inch inner diameter. Both will fit into the hub, but only one will fit snugly onto your spindle, we include both in the kit. 
Bolt Pattern is 6 on 5 1/2
Rated to 2600 lbs each

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