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Boat Trailer Double U Bolt Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 10" Tall Galvanized

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Boat Trailer Double U Bolt Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 10" Tall Galvanized


(2) Stainless Steel Lag Screws (+$2.32)
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This Listing for a heavy duty Double U Bolt Style Swivel Top Bunk Bracket with a 10" Overall Length. This is CE Smith Part Number 10191G, with a Heavy Duty Swivel Top and zinc plated mounting bolt added to make it a complete kit. The lift height of this bracket depends upon how it is adjusted for each specific trailer application. This style of Bunk Bracket is referred to as a Swivel Top because the Top Angle portion can be adjusted at different angles to accommodate the contour of the boats hull. Once set, the top bolt is tightened down and the Bunk Boards become fixed at that angle. This bracket is ideal for both light duty and heavier duty applications, with the added security of using (2) U Bolts (not included) to mount to your trailers cross members. For Product Specific Measurements, check the measurement picture with this listing. Additionally, the slots on this double u bolt bunk bracket are designed for 1/2" diameter U Bolts. 
This Bracket is Made of 7 gauge steel, which is Hot Dipped Galvanized for maximum corrosion protection, making it great for freshwater or saltwater boat trailers. 
This Kit includes the Double U Bolt Mounting Bracket, Heavy Duty Swivel Top Angle, and (1) Zinc Plated 1/2" x 1 1/2" Mounting Bolt with Nylock Nut and Galvanized Washers.

 Double U Bolt Bunk Bracket Kit To Do List:
   Boat Trailer U-Bolts are used to mount your Swivel Top Bunk Bracket to your trailers Cross Member, determined by measuring the width and height, and selecting between galvanized or stainless steel hardware. 
Bunk Bracket Lag Screws are used in pairs to secure your boat trailers bunk boards to the Swivel Top Bunk Bracket, available in Stainless Steel and Galvanized. 
Boat Trailer Carpet is used to wrap your trailers bunk boards, protecting your boats hull and providing a great surface for loading and unloading, available in different widths for all bunk board sizes.
 Boat Trailer Bunk Boards come pre carpeted and ready to mount onto your swivel top bunk brackets using lag screws. 

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