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Boat Trailer Brake Line Kit Single Axle Flex Hose 18ft Main Length

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Boat Trailer Brake Line Kit Single Axle Flex Hose 18ft Main Length
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This Trailer Brake Hose Kit includes the needed Brake Lines to set your Single Axle Boat Trailer with hydraulic disc or drum brakes. The Kit includes a 216 inch (18 Foot, all male ends) Brake Hose to run from your Drum or Disc Brake Actuator to the Trailer Axle, a 3 Way Brass Tee Fitting (all female ends), a 24 inch Brake Hose (All male ends) to connect to the Caliper on the closer side, and a 72 inch Brake Hose to extend down the axle to the further caliper.

The Rubber DOT Approved Flex Lines in this kit are the same that we sell individually on our website, all of our brake line kits are assembled by us into convenient kits that make adding Brake Lines to a single axle or tandem axle trailer, or even adding brakes to an additional axle, as easy as possible. For more detailed information regarding each brake hose, see the Specifications below. 

- Brake Hose Ends are Brass 3/16" Male Inverted Flare 3/8" - 24 Thread
- Brass T Fitting 3/16" Female Inverted Flare 3/8" - 24 Thread
- Kit includes:
  - 72" Brake Hose
  - 24" Brake Hose
  - 216" Brake Hose
  - T Fitting

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