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Boat Trailer Bolt On Swivel Jack 1500 lb Capacity Zinc Plated with Double Wide Wheels

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Boat Trailer Bolt On Swivel Jack 1500 lb Capacity Zinc Plated with Double Wide Wheels
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This marine-ready boat trailer swivel jack sports a 1,500 lb weight capacity and two side by side 8-inch wheels for increased maneuverability for your boat or personal watercraft! The corrosion-resistant zinc plating makes this trailer jack perfect for freshwater and saltwater marine environments alike, while the 2 plastic wheels allow you to move your small boat or jet ski trailer with ease when it is not being towed, and even over difficult terrain. The jack comes with all mounting hardware included, and is sized to mount to trailer frame or tongue heights measuring between 2" and 5".

The swivel motion of this jack allows you to easily store it alongside your trailer frame when not in use, and just pull the spring-loaded pin to pivot the jack into position to crank up your trailer. The jack is operated with the sidewind textured comfort grip handle, allowing you to jack up the trailer to a maximum lift height of 24" from the center of the mounting bracket. If you want to increase the longevity of your jack assembly, you will also want to periodically take the cap off the top of the jack and lubricate the gear housing with grease, and spray some rust inhibition product (such as Boeshields T-9) on the included mounting hardware. This boat trailer swivel jack is ready to bolt onto your boat or watercraft trailer out of the box and is covered by a 1-year warranty.

- Rust-resistant zinc plated swivel trailer jack
- Includes mounting hardware
- DOUBLE 8-inch plastic wheels for easy trailer movement over difficult terrain
- 6-inch radius comfort grip handle
- 1-year warranty

- 1,500 lb weight capacity
- Mounts to trailer frames 2" to 5" in height
- 11 inches of travel, minimum height: 13 inches, maximum: 24 inches (measured from floor to center of the mounting bracket)
- 4 bolt mounting hardware with brackets included, bolts measure 3/8" x 4" 

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