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Boat Trailer 40 inch Galvanized Guide Pole Post Kit CE Smith

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Boat Trailer 40 inch Galvanized Guide Pole Post Kit CE Smith


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This 40 inch Galvanized Guide Pole Kit will fit I-Beam frames, Box Tubing, and C-Channel frames up to 3 inches Wide by 4 ¼ inches Tall. You are able to adjust each Guide Pole side 13 inches out from your trailer. This Ce Smith 40 inch Guide Pole Kit comes Boxed with 2 Guide Poles, 2 pvc posts, and mounting hardware with instruction guide. Guide Posts are galvanized, and non-marring PVC that helps prevent damage to boat. This Guide pole Kit can mount above or below your frame depending on the height desired and your necessary mounting location.

The included Innovative U-Bolt System allows custom adjustment to fit desired frame material. You will see the instructions detail how exactly to use these U-Bolts. The orientation of them is dependent upon your frame dimensions. Whether you have a box tubing or c channel frame, these U-Bolts will accommodate your material to mount the guide kit snugly to your trailer. 

Guide Poles allow the boater several advantages including visibility both on and off the water while towing or loading the watercraft, as well as the ability to mount lights on the pvc. A great addition to the guide pole arsenal would be Boat Trailer Pipe Lights, available in LED or Incandescent on our site. These lights allow you to have the best option for trailer lighting while towing. 

Few tools are needed to install this product and you will be on your way! Versatile hardware allows this product to be custom fit to different frame dimensions and materials. We typically would see this 40 inch Guide Post kit on smaller to medium sized boat and jet ski trailers. This all in one boxed guide pole set is ideal for any brand of boat trailer and standard frame material. 

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