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Blue Scotch Lock Quick Wire Connector

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Blue Scotch Lock Quick Wire Connector
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This blue scotch lock or quick splice wire connector is a fast and simple way to make an electrical connection between 2 wires, by fastening with pliers and then closing the top cover. If you are switching out lights, wiring in your trailer brakes, or re-wiring your trailer because of bad connections,  these scotch lock wiring connectors can be very handy to speed up the process and get you back on the road. The scotch locks are sized to fit wires 18 gauge to 14 gauge and require no additional wire stripping as the metal blades cut and connect wires easily and effectively when you close the top. 

It can be extremely helpful to have a few of these quick splice scotch lock connectors and a pair of pliers in your truck to quickly repair any wiring issues and keep all of your trailer lights working safely and correctly. Keep a few of these on hand to quickly repair any potential wiring issues on your utility trailer, cargo trailer, boat trailer, or any other wiring application!

- Blue Scotch Lock Quick Splice Wire Connector
- Requires no additional wire stripping or cutting 
- Fits 18 - 14 gauge wiring

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