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Blue PVC Skid Pad for 3 Inch Boat Trailer Crossmembers

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Blue PVC Skid Pad for 3 Inch Boat Trailer Crossmembers
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This blue poly vinyl 12-inch skid pad will fit 3-inch width boat trailer cross members, and aids in preventing your boat's hull from getting marked or damaged by contacting the surface of your crossmember. The durable PVC is a great option for your boat trailer and will be a noticeable upgrade over the standard black rubber style you typically see in other boat trailer rollers. The Poly Vinyl construction will not mark up your boat or dry rot in the sun. This setup is suitable for either freshwater or saltwater marine use, and you can easily mount these skid pads using Stainless Steel 12 x 1 Hex HD Screws to secure them to your trailer's crossmember. These blue PVC skid pads are a great replacement for your boat trailer to help protect your boat's gel coat or fiberglass hull!

- Durable Blue Poly Vinyl Construction
- Fits 3" Width Boat Trailer Cross-members
- 12" in Total Length

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