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Blue Moisture Resistant Trailer Wire Butt Connector

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Blue Moisture Resistant Trailer Wire Butt Connector
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This is a Blue Moisture-Resistant Trailer Wire Butt Connector, used to connect your Trailer Lights or Side Markers to your existing wiring harness. To install, simply strip the end of the wire you are looking to connect. After stripping your wire, insert the bare wire into the connector, and crimp. Follow this same procedure on the second wire to complete installation. A gentle tug assists in making sure that the connection is tight and secure. This Wire Connector is designed to make installing lights on your trailer quick and easy without the need for soldering. Due to the Dielectric Grease, this is a great option for keeping your trailer's connection points clean and free of debris. Because of it's Vinyl and Tin Plated Copper construction, this is a great addition to use on your Boat Trailer or Jet Ski Trailer if you're tired of corroded wiring due to water intrusion at your trailer harnesses connection points.

Recommended for trailer wires within 14 to 16 gauge, this Connector will fit a wide variety of Trailer Tail Lights and Side Markers. Having a few of these on hand during trips or transit is a great idea considering how easy they are to install, making trailer wiring repairs simple and painless. Simply crimp and connect new Lights and Side Markers to your trailer with ease! 

- Blue Moisture Resistant Trailer Wire Butt Connector
- Fits 14 gauge to 16 gauge wire
- Blue Insulated Vinyl Construction
- Conductor is made of tin-plated copper
- Filled with Dielectric Grease to help keep moisture and intrusive materials away from the wire connection

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