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Black Rubber Keel Bumper for Boat Trailers 2 3/4 inch

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Black Rubber Keel Bumper for Boat Trailers 2 3/4 inch
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If you're in search of a rubber bumper to protect the Keel of your boat when unloading and loading your boat, this non-marking stop may be exactly what you are looking for. Made of durable, abrasion and UV resistant material, this black rubber bumper is a great way to protect your boat from making contact with your trailer which can be a very expensive fix. Small enough to be mounted in any location on your trailer, this bumper comes pre-drilled with 2 mounting holes that make installation a breeze. 

Rated for strong impact performance and designed for harsh weather and water conditions, this inexpensive pad is a no-brainer option that can be used to help avoid costly fixes that can occur if your boat comes into contact with any part of your trailer that it shouldn't.

- 2 3/4" Long x 1 3/4" Wide
- 2 Mounting Holes
- Durable Black Rubber Construction

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