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Aluminum Frame Plate 6" Overall Length for 7/16" U Bolt or Bolts

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Aluminum Frame Plate 6" Overall Length for 7/16" U Bolt or Bolts
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This is an Aluminum Frame Plate or Tie Plate for securing items to the Frame of your boat trailer, or utility Trailer. This is a 1/4" thick aluminum plate with 7/16" holes drilled for use with a through bolt, or U-Bolts. The Aluminum Frame Plate is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making this Frame Plate ideal for salt water marine applications. This Plate accommodates 7/16 diameter bolts. These Tie Plates are often referred to as a Tie Plate, Tie Strap, Frame Plate, or Frame Strap. Additionally, this aluminum frame plate is commonly used to secure the boat trailers tongue into the I Beam frame, so they are generally purchased in pairs, one for the top of the I-Beam, and one for the bottom side of the I-Beam.
You can use this Plate to secure any item on your trailer where its measurements work and you need a securing strap that uses 7/16" Diameter Bolts.

Due to the soft nature of aluminum, This item is not to be used as a Leaf Spring Shackle, as its intention is to secure items, not support the suspension system of a trailer. 

-2" Wide x 6" Long -7/16" Diameter Holes -1/4" thick Aluminum

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