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Aluminum Boat Trailer Square Fender Mount and Step Pad 15 Inch

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Aluminum Boat Trailer Square Fender Mount and Step Pad 15 Inch
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This Aluminum Fender Step Pad is designed for use with a Square Trailer Fender with a Straight Vertical Side.  If you have a Round Fender, you would need a similar product, but one that has an angled side to match the curvature of a Round Fender, like the Aluminum Boat Trailer Round Fender Mount. 

This knurled Aluminum Trailer Fender Step is 15" long, 4" wide, and 2" in Height.  It features a textured finish on top for added grip and stability when used as a step.  Typically a trailer would have 2 of these mounting brackets per Fender, and 4 total.  This listing is for the Boat Trailer Fender Step Pad only, if you are adding these Fender Mounts to your Trailer for the first time you might like our Aluminum Boat Trailer Square Fender Mount With Cap, which is a combo that includes this same Fender Step and a 2 x 4 rubber cap to give the Trailer Fender Step a completed and clean look.

There are no Pre-Drilled Holes on this Bracket, so you can easily install this to your Aluminum I Beam Trailer and its Fenders wherever needed.  You can choose to either bolt these directly through your I Beam or C Channel, or if your trailer has a full square tubing frame, you can drill holes in the Bracket to allow for a U Bolt installation over your Trailer Frame instead. 


- Aluminum Construction

- 15" x 4" x 2"

- No Pre-drilled holes

- Bolt On Installation

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