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6" Waterproof LED Red Oval trailer light w/ Clear Lens

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6" Waterproof LED Red Oval trailer light w/ Clear Lens
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Here we have an Oval Red LED 6" Trailer Light with Clear Lens. Typically this style of light mounts in an oval housing (usually a rubber gasket or a metal housing). This listing is for LED Light ONLY. You could use your existing 3-Prong Pigtail to plug into the back of the light and secure it into the housing to operate the Stop/Turn/Tail light functions, but if you're in need of the 3-prong pigtail or grommet, we have those available for purchase as well. The 6" refers to all industry standard 6" oval applications. You can mount this style of light horizontally, vertically, or at an angle for illumination. A common question we get refers to the use of this light in Boat Trailer Pipe Lights and while this is not the exact light that comes installed in a pipe light, this light can be used effectively as a replacement. 

- 6 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1" 
- 8 LED Red Diodes
- 3 Prong Plug Port
- Sealed and Submersible

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