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6 Lug Galvanized Spare Tire Mount for I-Beam Boat Trailers with #42 Spindle

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6 Lug Galvanized Spare Tire Mount for I-Beam Boat Trailers with #42 Spindle
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This Spare tire carrier is made of galvanized steel and allows a 6 Lug trailer hub to bolt directly to your I-beam trailer, allowing you to easily and conveniently store a spare tire and wheel for your boat trailer. The 4-hole mounting plate is designed to be bolted into the middle of the I-beam on your trailer frame, where you can then securely fasten a 5200-6000 pound hub and tire assembly and away from the road and any hazards. This spare tire mount has a galvanized coating, which protects against rust and corrosion, making it perfect for boat trailers that see heavy freshwater or saltwater marine use. The #42 spindle is the standard spindle size for 6 bolt trailer hubs, so select a Galvanized 6 Lug 5200-6000 lb Idler Hub if you need a spare hub to complete your project. We also carry a Pre-Greased 6 Bolt Trailer Idler Hub if you just wanted to mount a hub right onto the spindle without needing to lubricate and assemble bearings and seals. This is a convenient and safe way to add a spare tire to your boat trailer, and is a direct spare tire carrier replacement for many OEM trailer manufacturers as well!

- #42 Spindle fits 1 1/4" Outer Bearing x 1 3/4" Inner Bearing with 2 1/4" Seal Surface
- Corrosive Resistant Galvanized Steel Coating
- I-Beam Mount Style Spare Tire Carrier
- Fits Most Standard 6 Lug Trailer Hubs
- Includes spindle washer and castle nut

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