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6 Foot Boat Trailer Bunk Board Runner Pre-Carpeted 2 in x 4 in Single

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6 Foot Boat Trailer Bunk Board Runner Pre-Carpeted 2 in x 4 in Single


(4) Galvanized 5/16 x 1 1/2 Lag Screws (+$4.70)
(4) Stainless Steel 5/16 x 1 1/2 Lag Screws (+$4.64)
Price: $68.74
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Boat or Jet Ski Bunk Boards are very important components to your boat trailer. They are responsible for the support while towing, loading, and unloading. This listing is for one replacement, pre carpeted Bunk Board that measures 6 ft in total length. This uses standard 2 inch x 4 inch lumber, that has been fully wrapped in CE Smith Black Bunk Carpet. This item is an ideal replacement for small boats and jet skis. Ideally you would want to notice the need for replacement before total failure. Take care to inspect the areas around where your bunks are secured to your bunk brackets, noting areas of softness where the mounting holes might be rotted out, which would cause failure. In addition, notice any areas where your previous boards are sagging, where cracking might be present. These boards do not have any pre drilled holes, which allows you to install them exactly as needed. This type of Bunk board is typically used with Swivel Top and Vertical Style Bunk Brackets. Standard mounting hardware would be (PAIR) 5/16 x 1 1/2 Galvanized Lag Screws for Swivel Top Bunk Bracket. However, for the Vertical Style Bunk Bracket, you would use a Bolt to run through the Bunk Board. 

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