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5 Foot Horizontal E Track For Enclosed Trailers

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5 Foot Horizontal E Track For Enclosed Trailers
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Perfect for Enclosed Trailers, E Track allows you to incorporate Tie Down Points and other helpful organization and storage tools inside of your trailer. This E Track is powder coated for a nice, smooth finish. 5 feet in length and featuring horizontal mounting slots, which accommodate many of the E Track accessories, this E Track is 4 5/16” wide and sticks out ½” from the surface it is mounted on. 

With a safe working load of 2,000 lbs, you can easily mount E Track with 1/4" Screws or bolts (hardware is not included). The mounting holes run the full length of the track on either side and are 2" on Center.  For the best results, it's recommended to use as many mounting holes as possible when installing.  

- Powder Coated Construction
- 5' x 4 15/16" x 1/2"
- Safe Working Load 2,000lbs

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