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5 Flat 35ft to re-wire Trailer Lights with Disc Brakes Wesbar Trailer Light Wiring Harness

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5 Flat 35ft to re-wire Trailer Lights with Disc Brakes Wesbar Trailer Light Wiring Harness
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This 16 gauge 35ft wiring harness with the standard 5 flat trailer connector by Wesbar is a great replacement for your old or worn out trailer wiring. If you are seeking a wiring harness because you are adding surge disc brakes or switching from drum brakes to an updated disc system, than this is the harness for you! This wiring harness uses the standard 5 flat trailer connector. Usually, one would see a 4 pin connector however, this wiring harness comes with the additional wire (blue wire) to be able to send power to your trailers electric backing solenoid which is a powered valve that allows you to send your trailer in reverse without activating the hydraulic disc brakes. Due to the additional wire, a new adapter may be required to fit your trailer plug to your tow vehicle. Luckily we carry a 5 flat adapter to your tow vehicle to 7-pin round plug, which would solve that issue. This wiring harness is color coded with every colored wire having a different function, sending power to your trailer's lights and brake functions. The Colors are identical (White, Green, Yellow, Brown, and Blue) wires that all trailer harnesses use and the functions of these wires are as follows:

White wire - (5ft, Ground wire)

Green wire - (35ft, Right turn wire)

Yellow wire - (35ft, Left turn wire)

Brown wire - (35ft, Operate the Left and Right Side Running Lights.)

Blue wire - (5ft, runs to your Reverse Lockout Solenoid when operating disc brakes.)

This wiring harness uses a thicker gauge wire and has the wishbone style setup for easy installation. The wishbone style harness means that it is made to send (1) brown wire and (1) yellow wire down the left side of your trailer frame while (1) brown wire and (1) green wire runs down the right side of your trailer frame for a more straight forward and smooth installation. Wesbar lighting and wiring products are known for their top of the line quality by trailer manufacturers across the globe, and this wiring harness is no exception! This harness is ready to install as the cooper wires come pre-stripped. With a 1 year manufacturers warranty this wiring harness is sure to be an asset to your wiring setup.


- 35ft length on the main lighting wires (Brown, Green, & Yellow)

- 5ft length for the White and Blue Wires.

- 16 Gauge Wires

- Wishbone Style Harness for Easier Installation

- 5 Pin or 5 Flat Connector.

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