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5 1/2 inch Stoltz Keel Roller for Boat Trailer

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5 1/2 inch Stoltz Keel Roller for Boat Trailer


(1) 5/8 Diameter 6.5 inch Long Stainless Steel Roller Shaft (+$20.35)
(2) 1/8 Stainless Steel Cotter Keys (+$0.58)
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This is a Stoltz Brand, MADE IN THE USA! Centering Keel Roller. This 5 1/2 inch Stoltz Keel Roller is made form the Highest Quality Polyurethane that has been tested and proven to outlast "poor quality" poly rollers. Anti U-V Formulas prevent rapid discoloration, and any discoloration that will occur over time is purely visual and does not effect the rollers ability to function and prevent marking, meaning this roller will hold stronger longer. Stoltz Rollers will not mark up your boat! These rollers are the real deal!  Stoltz Rollers do not have a separate bushings that can come dis-lodged or dry out and crack, the inner sleeve is aluminum and is ideal for supporting and allowing the roller to spin. It is important that the other thing to worry about is a rusting roller shaft, which is why we have them available in Stainless Steel! 

 This 5/8" diameter by 5 1/2 inch long Stoltz Poly Keel Roller is designed to assist you in loading the boat onto the trailer, to help give you that extra push and line up your boat. 

Rollers in general are near essential to the loading and unloading process. Not only can they ease the process, but they also protect your boat from impacting the trailer at crucial points. Trailer Rollers are placed at important points on your boat trailers cross-member, typically along the center-line of the trailer. These rollers prevent damage to the boat and assist in support of the boats hull while trailering, loading, and unloading.
Typically, a keel roller mounts inside of a bracket, often referred to as a roller bracket. This roller would have a shaft running through its center, with caps, pins, or nuts holding it in place. This assembly is they bolted or u-bolted to the trailers cross-member. 
This is a solid Trailer Roller! Check out your arrangement, and the parts you will need to finish the project! Let us know if there is anything we can assist you with!

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