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3 inch Stoltz Bow Vee Stop for Bow of Boat

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3 inch Stoltz Bow Vee Stop for Bow of Boat
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This is a 3 inch Stoltz Bow V-Stop. This Stoltz product is designed to mount in the front of your boat trailer, in the winch post, to catch your boats bow as it reaches the winch. Whether you are driving the boat on, pulling it on with a rope, or winching the boat, the bow stop will end up being the last part the boat touches as you secure it to the trailer. Therefore, you want this Bow Stop to be there when it counts. Imagine your loading your boat, driving the boat on the trailer, only to have the bow stop crack because it dried out in the sun, then you crack the hull of the boat because there's nothing to protect it. Try a Stoltz Bow Stop, the formula Stoltz uses anti UV and eliminates drying and cracking. This Bow stop will also not discolor the boat or mark it up. This 3 inch Stoltz V Stop can be mounted with a 1/2 inch diameter Boat Trailer Bolts. Simply select the correct length, and whether you want it in Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel. 

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