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24 inch 3 Leaf Slipper Trailer Spring 750lb Boat Trailer Leaf Spring

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24 inch 3 Leaf Slipper Trailer Spring 750lb Boat Trailer Leaf Spring


(1) - 1/2 Spring Bushing (+$1.93)
(1)-1/2 x 3 1/2 Zinc Plated Spring Bolts (+$3.34)
(1)-1/2 x 3 1/2 Stainless Steel Spring Bolts (+$4.12)
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24 inch Slipper Leaf Spring with 3 Leafs that is rated to 750 lbs per spring. This would bring a pair of these 24 inch Slipper Trailer Leaf Springs to 1500 pounds. These are common on 2000 lb trailer axles.  
Spring Measurements and Specs:
Center of Eye to End of Leaf 24 3/4 inches (Free Length Measurement)
-This Trailer Leaf Spring Measures 1 3/4" Wide
-Does your spring measure slightly more than 24 3/4 inches, lets say 25 1/4 or so? You may have your trailer loaded, or the spring may be old and flattened out. It is not uncommon for leaf springs to measure longer than what the stock size is listed. 
Free Arch Measurement (see picture) 3 3/4 inches
-The free arch measurement is based off a stock, brand new spring. Your leaf spring will more than likely be flattened out, or possibly broken. 
Spring measures 1 3/4 inches wide
9/16 inch bushings come installed in the spring, these bushings are common on all types of trailers except boat trailers. If you are purchasing these for your boat trailer, you will need 1/2 inch bushings to be installed. Click here to select Leaf Spring Bolts and Bushings

These springs can be used on both square tube or round tube trailer axles on boats or land trailers. The only difference is in the style of U-Bolt Required to mount the spring to the axle. Check the condition of your U-Bolts and the required size and check our U Bolt Kits out here. Leaf Spring U-Bolt Mounting Kits. Available in raw steel, hot-dipped galvanized, and stainless steel. 

Commonly when replacing leaf springs, the spring bolts may also be needing replacement. As stated before, if you are purchasing for a land trailer(not boat trailer) you will be using 9/16 x 3 inch bolts , if this is for a bolt trailer, check out zinc plated or stainless steel spring bolts that measure 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches Leaf Spring Bolts and Bushings

If you are planning on replacing the hangers, (brackets that are either welded or bolted to frame that hold leaf spring) we have single spring hanger kits available for Weld On assemblies that include all the necessary replacement hardware. Weld on assemblies are more common on non marine trailers. Boat Trailer Suspension Parts
Boat trailers will commonly have bolt-on hangers or spring sliders. 

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