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14" Manual Crank Up Vent Top for Enclosed and Camper Trailers

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14" Manual Crank Up Vent Top for Enclosed and Camper Trailers
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This is a new Trailer Roof Vent for purging the heat from an enclosed trailer or for allowing fresh air inside.  This one comes with a Removable Screen which can be removed from inside the trailer for convenience, and also features a manual crank that opens and lowers the vent cover.   The color of the top is White and it's partially Transulent to let light into the trailer.  This is the standard 14 inch size which fits into a roughly 14 1/2 inch square hole in the Trailer's Roof.  The Outside Dimensions of the Vent's Galvanized Mounting Bracket is 16 1/2 inches.  Hardware is not included.

Standard 14" Size, fits most Enclosed Trailer Vent Holes
Manual Crank for opening and Closing, no wires
Translucent White
The screen is Removable from within the Trailer for Easy Cleaning
Installation Hardware Not Included - Use #8 Screws to install to the outside roof, and #8 Screws again for the inside frame.

If you're wondering how to install a new Crank Up Ven Top for Your Camper or Enclosed Trailer, it can be done in a few steps.

1. Use the existing hole or create one that is 14 1/4" x 14 1/4" and be careful to make the hole between roof joists.
2. Apply some Sealing tale to the underside of the Crank Up Flange (The metal lip with many screw holes in it).  Then insert the Crank Up Top into the Hole.
3. Screw the Crank Up Top to the Roof using all the available screw holes.  Apply Sealant over every screw and over the small gap along the entire Crank Up Top perimeter to keep water from leaking in.
4. Install the Interior piece inside the trailer using screws or any other adequate installation method.

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