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12x4 inch Stoltz Boat Trailer Skid Pad

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12x4 inch Stoltz Boat Trailer Skid Pad
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This is a Stoltz Brand 12 inch Skid pad designed to fit on your 4 inch wide boat trailer cross-member. Stoltz makes there products from the highest quality ingredients. The Soltz mixture contains extreme heat resistant elements which prevent dry rotting or cracking. This Stoltz Skid pad is the real deal, will not mark up your boat, or fail you like PVC may. This product is specifically for mounting on 4 inch cross-members to protect the boat hull from contacting the cross-member. This can cause damaged to the boat hull. The Stoltz material is extremely tough and does not wear down or crack up. This cross-member protector by Stoltz measures 12 inches and can most easily be mounted using Stainless Steel 12 x 1 Hex HD Screws screwed into the four available holes on either side of the Stoltz Poly Skid Pad. Mount this on each cross-member for complete and total protection for your boat hull! 

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