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12 inch Yellow Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller

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12 inch Yellow Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller
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This polyvinyl yellow 12-inch boat trailer keel roller fits many different types and sizes of boat trailers to replace worn-out standard rubber rollers. The yellow PVC roller is designed to last longer and work better than a standard black rubber roller; it will not mark up your boat's hull or rot out in the sun, and the heavy-duty construction is designed for boats of any size. The Center Bore has 2 bushings in it which have a center diameter of 5/8, so you would need to use 5/8 Diameter Boat Trailer Roller Shafts with this roller. This Roller is Reinforced by an Aluminum Core which will not rust or corrode and helps the roller to spin on the Roller Shaft, further assisting in Loading and Unloading the Boat to the trailer.

Boat trailers can have a few different orientations of keel rollers depending on the trailer, for example, you might have several across the centerline of the trailer mounted on cross members, or you might just have a single keel roller on the rear-most cross member. This roller fits most standard 12-inch width roller brackets, we carry a replacement 12 inch Galvanized Steel Roller Bracket if you need to replace the brackets on your trailer as well. Upgrade the old rollers on your trailer with this high quality yellow PVC keel roller today!

- Fits Standard 12 inch Roller Brackets
- Will not Mar or Scratch your Boat or PWC
- 5/8 inch Center Diameter
- Yellow UV Resistant PVC

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