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12 inch Left Hand (Driver Side) Electric Brake Backing Plate

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12 inch Left Hand (Driver Side) Electric Brake Backing Plate
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This listing is for (1) Electric Left Hand Driver Side Brake Cluster for your Drum Brake System on a land or utility type trailer. This 12 x 2" backing plate mounts on your standard 5 Hole Brake Flange, which is the common size for a 6 or 8 Lug Brake Drum Hubs on a 5,200 lb, 6,000 lb, or 7,000 lb Trailer Axle and is used in conjunction with a break controller located inside the tow vehicle. It's important to note that this cluster comes pre-assembled like you see in the pictures, but does not include the mounting hardware. 

This standard electric brake assembly requires manual adjustment of the brake shoes over time which provides efficient braking performance.

Electric Brake Cluster Specs:
- 12 inch Left Hand Electric Brake Cluster
- Fits 5 Hole Brake Flanges
- Comes with Magnet and Shoes and Backing Plates Pre-Assembled
- Easy Bolt on Installation
- 12 in x 2 in Dimensions
- Designed for 6 or 8 lug Brake Drum Hubs
- Great for Utility Trailer Brake Set-ups
- Fits 14.5" to 16.5" wheels

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