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12 inch Blue Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller

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12 inch Blue Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller
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This is a blue 12-inch boat trailer keel roller made from PVC, designed to withstand sun and water damage from regular usage. The poly vinyl construction is UV resistant, so it will not dry rot, and will not mark up your boat like a cheap roller either! The Center Bore has 2 bushings in it which have a center diameter of 5/8, so you would need to use 5/8 Diameter Boat Trailer Roller Shafts with this roller. This Roller is Reinforced by an Aluminum Core which will not rust or corrode and helps the roller to spin on the Roller Shaft, further assisting in Loading and Unloading the Boat to the trailer.

Boat trailers can have a few different orientations of keel rollers depending on the trailer, for example you might have several across the centerline of the trailer mounted on cross members, or you might just have a single keel roller on the rear-most cross member. Keeping your keel rollers in good condition is important to make sure you have an easier time loading and unloading your boat at the ramp, and good quality rollers can ensure that you don't mar or damage the hull of your boat as you are trailering. You can add End Caps to each 12 inch Keel Roller in order to give it a more finished, sleek look, and also to help protect your boat hulls against accidentally contacting the Roller Bracket Arms and damaging the Gel Coat. If you want to fully outfit your keel roller setup, you will want to pick up a pair of 3.5 inch Blue Poly Roller End Caps and make sure you are purchasing a longer roller shaft to accommodate for the increased width of the assembly. 

- Fits Standard 12 inch Roller Brackets
- Will not Mar or Scratch your Boat or PWC
- 5/8 inch Center Diameter
- Blue UV Resistant PVC

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