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12 inch Black Rubber Keel Roller for Boat Trailer

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12 inch Black Rubber Keel Roller for Boat Trailer


(2) 5/8 inch Shaft Caps (+$3.94)
(1) 13.5 in Zinc Plated Roller Shaft (+$9.22)
Price: $31.96
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Set up your boat trailer with this Heavy Duty 12 inch Keel Roller, these black rubber rollers are extremely common installed along the keel of boats as a means of protecting the hull, and allowing easy loading and unloading. 
5/8 inner Bore
Made of Heavy Duty Black Rubber
Makes Launching Your Boat a Breeze
Tapered Design for Optimal Hull Support
As pictured, commonly mounts inside a 12 inch Galvanized Keel Roller Bracket for Boat Trailer with Stainless Steel Roller Shaft 13.5 inch long 5/8 diameter and 5/8 inch Zinc Plated Boat Trailer Roller Shaft Pal Nuts securing the whole assembly together. We also have roller shafts available in Zinc Plated. This assembly is then either bolted or U-bolt to the trailers cross-member. Measure the Trailer Bolts or Boat Trailer U-Bolts you need and select from Galvanized or Stainless Steel to complete your arrangement and get that boat trailer back together! 

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